heard of such insurance


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heard of such insurance

I have seen many types of insurance but there are few special ones (funny in nature).

1) There are insurances available for your chest hair, look at http://washingtontimes.com/upi-break...2347-7031r.htm

2) The most apt for the next few days, "The Einstein Insurance Cover" for 1st April pranks, look at http://www.ampminsure.org/april-genius/get.php

Do you know other such stuff, post under this thread that we can explore unique type of Insurances.

Halo Smith.
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it's really not that odd, when you think about who it's for. it's for movie star celebrity types who rely heavily on such attributes such as Jennifer Lopez's bottom as well as Betty Grable's legs for their appeal. without those physical assets, they'd be out of work.

i'm not sure what that Einstein thing is though....
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I heard that Elizabeth Hurley has her legs insured for 1 million dollars.. .each.

Loyds of London will pretty much write a policy for anything you are willing to pay a premium on.

I've ever heard of cigars being insured, the owner filed a claim after he smoked them. The claim was denied, he appealed (and won), the claim was paid, and then he was sued for insurance fraud for destroying the insured property (and they won).
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The cigar thing is an urban legend. Go to snopes.com and check it out. The one I heard the guy was charged with arson not insurnace fraud.

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