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70 lbs

So here’s the deal, I’m going to Italy for two weeks…YIPPY! For some reason my father is packing twelve suitcases, six with clothes and six with crap…well not crap, but gifts. One of the gifts is seventy pounds of frozen fish, who brings frozen fish over seas? Not to mention the weight limit imposed due to gas prices; how will be getting all this stuff over there? I don’t want to be carrying fish in my luggage, if I get there and the first thing is say is “what is that smell I don’t want it to be from my bags”. Besides all that, almost all the suitcases are full and there are still 4 people who need to pack for the trip and I still need to bring more pants. WTF, why is he bringing so much unnecessary stuff? Well if anyone has ideas on how I can get all this to travel well give me a holler, I’m going to need all the advice I can get.

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I wouldn't think that you would even make it through customs with food items.
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Contact the airlines and ask their advice ( I assume that you are flying and not going by ship).

I didn't realize that there was a fish shortage in Italy. Must be some good fish
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What parts of Italy are you visiting, cambece? If you'll be to the north I have two recommendations: Florence & Trieste. Near Trieste, if you like stuff like that, is Grotta Gigante (sp?) world's largest underground cavern; it is spectacular.

I'm with Mattison; I don't know any country that allows food items to be brought through customs.
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Are you serious?? What kind of a gift is 70 lbs of fish? And is something being done to keep them frozen? Have you questioned him about this? A gift certificate to a nice seafood restaurant would make more since.

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He's not Sicilian, is he? I'm having flashbacks of "The Godfather". Something about sleeping with the fish; he's not going over there to settle an old family score, is he?
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customs isnt going to allow that....i dont think any airlane is going to allow that many suitcases

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