Long distance carrier


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Long distance carrier

How many of you guys have a long distance carrier at home? I've had long distance service for my home currently and in the past. My bill every month is about $13. I've realized I don't use it. I don't make long distance calls. Haven't for a very long time. I have 2 cells phones I could use in case...(Different subject but I don't pay the bills on these). I'm thinking of cancelling the service to save some extra money.

That's $13/mo.
$780/5 years
$1,560/10 years

I'm just debating b/c everytime you change things...something always happens! Right?
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At one point I canceled my long distance, and used long distance calling cards from BJ's (warehouse-type store)
Three cents a minute for long distance
Had to dial a few extra numbers but worked great, saved a bundle
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The family felt we needed an LD plan so they could call people on a whim. I switched to a per/minute plan and never told them. We save about 10 bucks per month which would probably be the case for most folks.

13 buckswill buy you a pizza every month. I'd go for the pizza.
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We use a calling card - a little under 4 cents a minute, no other fees. Darn near every call we make is long distance and I spend about $70 a year.
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Whats kinda neat is that if an Operator made an LD call for you, they would ask which carrier you wanted to use (don't know if they do anymore).

Some smart people created toll companies called "I don't care" or "it doesn't matter" or "you pick" etc....
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We recently switched to cable phone. One price to call anywhere in the US for an unlimited amount of time. Makes the decision pretty easy! I'm still trying to talk my wife out of having a land line at all but she won't budge. So for now it is 2 cells plus the land line.

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