Nationwide Gas Price Website


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Nationwide Gas Price Website

Since gas prices seem to be the topic of the day...

Interesting your state from the map and go to the appropriate sublinks. The top sublink is usually the state with the rest being counties, which then sub down to individual cities.
The state sites have good content, and some pretty rowdy forums.
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I've seen that site before but it was a long time ago and wasn't very useful then. Now it can be very nice to check. As long as the lower is close to me and beats Krogers price after my $.10 cents off per gallon.

Thanks for the link. I drive a 01" Dodge 1500 extended cab 4X4 about 400 miles a week so every penny helps.
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I'm not one to run around trying to save a few pennies per gallon
It is what it is and that's that
But a local radio station and c-store chain had a 3 hour promo of $1.96 per gallon
I waited in line and filled up the work van

Where my folks lived in FLA, you could get gas in town, or if you were heading in certain directions the gas was 10-12 cents cheaper in the little towns....hardly 10-15 miles out

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