Special invitation


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Special invitation

"Because you were refered to me, I wanted to invite you..." "...as my special guest". "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity..." "...your road to financial independence..." "I have enclosed compelentary tickets." "The normal fee ($....) is waived."

Cousin flatlander,

I got big money awhile back, n'Ima keping it. Cuz I wanta share the dream... I sold yur tickets fur half price. Bo Diddly and his other (significant - cuz the biological class is unknown) is gona be yer VIP guests. I wanta be fair about the sale, so Im sending you a discount coupon. Its good at all flatland stores for purchases over $ 500.00.

I deducted the postage frum the coupon. (Postage paid by BUSINESS MAIL REPLY & Scotch tape).

Junk mail, like junk email, can be fun. Jest ignore the one-way sign.
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I'm still waiting on my inheritance money from the guy in Africa.
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The check is in the mail. Of course, delivery may be
delayed due to inadequate postage.

Confirmed. It's in the dead letter office.

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