Rain = sick ?


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Rain = sick ?

Yesterday I spend most of the day inside due to rain, but there were times when I had to go out...when I did I got soaked. Today I have been feeling very ill...can they be related? I went online to find out and I couldnít find anything, but I always remember my mother telling me that if I went out in the rain I would get sick...I think I am starting to think thatís true.

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Stay in bed and get well.

I've heard it's a "wive's tale"...is that what it's called? My mom said the same thing to us kids when we were younger and I now say that to my son. An elder person told me..."that's not true!". Or is it...when it's cold outside, put a jacket on or you'll catch a cold? Same thing?

I spend most of the day inside due to rain, but there were times when I had to go out...when I did I got soaked
How come you don't use an umbrella?
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unless it's a big sporty golf umbrella, i don't hardly even see men using umbrellas. i've just assumed they think using one is unmanly. then again, their hair isn't hardly affected by the rain, makeup isn't (shouldn't be) an issue, and if their shoes get wet, they just put on their other pair.

cambece: i'm assuming you're a guy, right??

as for the old wive's tale about catching a cold from being wet or simply being out in the cold, i always thought that was bunk. you get a cold from a virus - germs - not from cold air. BUT THEN i read where when your body is cold, your immune system becomes less effective at warding off germs, so you're more likely to become sick from any germs you come in contact with! so, it's sort of true.
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I just heard a story about this
It was on the radio, so I can't quote a source other than NPR

There was a study where they took people and made them sit wet and cold, and others dry and warm
IIRC they exposed them all to cold virus'
The result was there was no difference in infection, cold/wet or warm/dry

They interviewed the participants
Particularly a cold/wet one who didn't get sick and (perhaps having other issues) was extremely happy they had scientific evidence that Mom was wrong
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I use the study Slick mentioned as an example all the time at work. Being cold does not make you more likely to catch a cold. In fact, if it gets cold enough, viruses and bacteria can't take it and you can't get sick. The reason we all get sick more often when it's cold is because we all huddle closer together and make circulation of pathogens from one to another easier.

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