Used Car Blues


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Angry Used Car Blues

Ok How many of you had used car after used car blow the engine or just die.
My friends car blew the engine thursday this is the 2nd car within 1 year how many of you have the same problem with used cars.
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The majority of vehichles that I have owned have been bought used. I have had my share of problems with them but never had an engine let go. Overall I have been satisfied with used vehichles. I have always paid more attention to the vehicles condition than the year or mileage.

I believe your friend may need to take a more knowledgable person with him/her when looking for used cars. A short course in car maintence might also be benificial.
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Would be interesting to know the makes & models; perhaps he's buying cars that were lemons the day they left the factory, i.e. Taurus.
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Back in the 80's my sister bought a used car from a small corner lot. About 3 months later the engine locked up and the little dealer installed a Jasper rebuild. Talk about customer service. She drove that car for over 10 years after that without a problem and resold it for what she payed for it.
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The first car was a 94 ford escort that he got from a guy at the store my dad use to work at 6 months later the engine died. that was 2 years ago he has a 95 chysler currus that was a lemon from the start. the trans had been replaced 2 times the alternator replaced the A/C compresser replaced to do a sezed pully that kept snapping the belts new destribiter and the GD thing went up in flames. The escort 2 years later started working again for about another 6 months and it finaly quit for good. Leaking transmission, bad alternator, no commpression.Than he got a ford areostar van thats as old as me (20) the engine blew on the highway police towed it away. 2 cars the engine blew and the crylser caught fire.ALL were purchessed from people referred to him at the place he works he has worse money problems than me. He tried to get a new car but because hes on government money (SSD) he needed a co-signer and is family told him to go to****.
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Well, I buy all my vehicles used
It does take a careful eye and it helps to be handy with vehicles
Buying a well-maintained one is the key
Then continuing the maintenance
But still I've had my share just conk out
It happens

You also have to put things into perspective
There's used cars, then there's one step above riding the bus
That's the way it is

I've figured it out some, and maybe this will be helpful to put it into perspective

At least around here, they way things cost, if you pay $2000 for a car that passes inspection/emissions, and runs for a year w/o any major expenses, you're good
End of story
It cost you $2000 to drive a vehicle for a year (not including gas and such-just for the vehicle)

You're actually doing better money-wise than someone who bought a new vehicle (their car is worth way less than -$2000 from what they paid for it)

If you pay $1500 and get a year out of it, great, you're ahead of the game, if you get 2 years out of the $2000 car, great, you're ahead of the game

If you pay $500 for it, and get 6 months out of it, you're still ahead of the game

If you pay $1500 for it, get two years out of it, and year three it needs $750 wort of're still ahead of the game
That's $2250 for three years ($750 a year), that's great

It always sucks when your car blows up, but if that vehicle cost you less than $2000 a year to drive, it doesn't owe you anything
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I bought a new 97 Chrysler Cirrus for my wife. The car was a piece of crap. Our first and last Chrysler product.
We also had the transmission replaced (twice). In a three year period we had the car towed 5 times. Three times the transmission just quit, once it wouldn't start and once the engine died when we were going 65 mph on a busy freeway.

I've owned a dozen or so used cars and have had pretty good luck with them. I bought a 2 y/o GMC pickup that I drove for 14 years and 180K miles. I think you just have to look real close at them and purchase them from a reliable dealer - not honest John's used car lot. You also have to do the maintenance.

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