Do you try not to step on ants?


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Do you try not to step on ants?

I'm not kidding.

Do you think God put ants on this earth so that man can go carelessly squashing them to death on the sidewalk?

I will pesticide treat a house and kill entire ant colonies because of the request by tenants or the boss. Yet I am 'live and let live' with my attitude on ants on the sidewalk...and other bugs. Even bees/wasps.

If I am in a good mood that day, I will vacuum up critters and then empty them out outside, rather than kill them.

Do you even BOTHER to think about looking down when you walk??
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Do you even BOTHER to think about looking down when you walk??
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The only critters of the sort I don't squash with great pleasure are spiders, because they are kind enough to take care of all those other annoying critters for us.

If God didn't want us to squash ants, why did he give us feet that squash bugs so well?
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I can be kind of a hypocrite - an ant in my yard, no problem. Same ant in my house, it dies. I don't generally like to see anything killed, but I feel good when I kill one of the gophers tearing up my yard.
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I think if he didn't expect us to squash them he wouldn't have made so many.
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If you've ever inadvertently stood on a fire ant hill, you'd know the answer.
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If you've ever inadvertently stood on a fire ant hill, you'd know the answer.
Fire ant hills were not made for squashing with the foot. They were made to absorb that 3 year old gasoline that's been hanging around in the back of the garage. Gas today, gone tomorrow.
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I DO look down on the ground to see what I step on. If it's an ant or 2...oh well...sorry ants. If there's a line of ants...I do go around only b/c 1 or 2 may end up going up my leg.

What about snails???? They're practically good for nothing right?
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all bugs & animals are just food for other bigger animals or bigger bugs. period.

i won't kill anything that's outside. that's where they're supposed to be and that would just be pointless murder. but once they step, fly or slither inside my house, where I'M supposed to be, it's them against me. and i always win in my house!

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