Who is more irritating


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Who is more irritating

Emeril or Rachel Ray?
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Emeril is way more irritating, I can't watch the guy for more than 20 seconds. Ray Ray is a bit of an acquired taste and if you don't care much for the "hip generation" language I can see where she might turn you off. OTOH I'm a late 50s year old guy and I find her refreshing, in smallish doses, and she does have good recipes!

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Out of the two....Emeril. My wife LOVES Rachel Ray. I've kinda grown to like her as well. However, she does use her hands when talking a little much...maybe that's just her "TV" thing. Her recipes are quite good too (my wife has a couple of her cook books). She can watch the food network for hours in a row. Now I understand how she feels during football season...although she get's into fantasy football like I do.
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I'm with Frank. same age group too. Thats why I watch Paula Deen. Good country cooking.
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Well, they both can be pretty annoying. Emeril is a bit over exposed through the years. But I wonder about Rachel Ray. Can anyone possibly be that perky 24/7?! If she really is good for her but I don't know if I'm buying it.
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Originally Posted by Wayne Mitchell
Emeril or Rachel Ray?
Hmmm......Rachel Ray
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Rapture: The constant hand movements while talking is an I talian thing. My wife does it too.

I met her in Cleveland few months ago while on a business trip up there. She and her crew was staying at the same hotel as us and one night after our host taking us out on the town, I came back and there she and her friends were in the bar. They were having a good time and after a while I got my courage up to go talk to her. She was as nice as could be and all her friends. I joined them for a while and they took pictures and the only thing I had for her to sign was a dollar bill.

I like them both.

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