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posting polls

I have a question why does the F.A.Q say some forums you may have the option to post polls But thats not allowed anymore and was wondering why the F.A.Q as not been updated to the new rules a lot has changed since this site started

view this link here you will see what I mean

I don't care but new members may not know that they can't post polls.
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I have to guess that the Rules supercede the FAQ's. I know that if a member posts a poll, he/she could be banned or suspended. It IS possible that the post could be deleted also and no punishment dealt out.
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Technically, I suppose, there are a lot of polls done, i.e. What was your first car? What oil do you recommend? etc.
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Arrow Poll Differences

Hello: lexmarks567

Your question is a valid one.

However, there are several types of polls.
Not to be confused with surveys or rating a post/thread.

No one using this web site can post any type of post in the forums. Doing so is for their personal gain. Such polls are usually used for some type or form of a research project, to gain insights and values on a personal project, personal subject, school work, etc. The list can go on and on. Not allowed.

Another poll are those requested by advertisers on this site. That type of poll is allowed. Some or paid polls while others may not be. Used for and by advertisers to determine how their product is performing when used by the public, in their do it yourself tasks and or projects, etc.

Another type of poll is for internal d-i-y usage. Used to gage the value of an advertisers ads, etc. One of many types in this category.

Can you imagine how many personal polls would fill the forum topics if anyone could post a question in a forum topic if allowed to? One primary reason why I do not allow such.

No topic on this site can or will be used for any personal gain in any way or by any means, etc. Obtaining that form of knowledge through replies posted to polls by members is a waste time and space, etc.

Members do not come to this site to view, read or have to be annoyed with personally posted polls, etc. Nor respond to personally posted ads, surveys and or polls, etc.

Presently, in some topics and more so in other topics in the future, polls will be conducted and allowed by d i y advertisers. Anyone than can respond. These types of polls will be allowed.

The software that powers this site allows for advertisers polls and can be topic specific. Which is presently be used. The information contained in the FAQ's than is not the same as we use on this site.

Yet another type is rating a post or thread. Not the same as a poll. Anyone can rate a post or thread. The option to do so is below each post or thread. Should be operational in all forum topics.

I hope the above explains and clarifies the differences.
No further explanations will be posted.

Sharp Advice.
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