Standards on children's TV networks.


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Standards on children's TV networks.

If this is not appropriate for this forum, please remove it. If I am allowed to mention names of people involved and or networks (perhaps to help the post make more sense), please let me know.

Recently a cable children’s network fired the host of their night time kids show because she had performed in 2 30 second spoof videos 7 years ago. The videos were spoofing PSAs for abstinence. No nudity was involved (the info is now readily available on the internet, but before this network made a huge deal out of it, I am sure it was next to impossible to come by). The network stated the host was released because they did not think this was the image one should have hosting a kids show and that it caused her to lose all credibility as a pre-school figure (paraphrased).

The very same network has programming narrated by a comedian known for his filthy routines (far worse than these videos), an individual accused of domestic violence (and who has been in some films not recommended for children), as well as actors in children’s shows who have appeared in nude love scenes in R-rated TV shows. In all the above cases, the network has stated the individuals have done nothing adverse to their roles on the network.

I do not know whether to agree or disagree with the network decision to release this person (I am leaning toward thinking the network did the wrong thing, she was great with kids), I understand the image thing, however, if that is going to be the standard for being on this network, they should apply the standard equally to all the network’s programming.

What do other parents think in regard to standards required to be on a kid’s network?
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As I see it, there is no universal gold standard for determining what is appropriate and what cannot be tolerated. Some events are clear cut because they are so over the line, like Paul Ruebens (Pee Wee Herman) - he will obviously never host a children's program again, but does make a modest living in films geared to adults (though I can't remember anything since Buffy the Vapire Slayer). In an attempt to never offend anyone, people are often let go for infractions many will view as tolerable. This looks like one of those cases. Also, the line is drawn much more conservatively with children's programming, as you have seen.
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Pee Wee

Pee Wee was a little different story. I had seen him prior to his venture into children's TV, and prior to his playhouse, he was not even close to a child entertainer (to this day I have no idea why the network chose him, his act was not very clean). The network deserved what it got. One major difference is, if you had seen Pee Wee pre-network, you would have noted the extreme adult inuendo in this show... which the network chose to ignore. In the case I am refering to, nowhere in the current show did this actor give kids (or parents) a bad impression.

In this case, an actress did a skit that would have been cleared for SNL with little or no editing prior to her employment. The same network has said various actors, who have performed things that would violate FCC rules on free TV (R or worse ratings) that would never be on mainstream TV without extreme editing, have done nothing to conflict with their roles in their shows.

I just think if a network is going to have a standard, it should be applied equally to every aspect of the network, not just a select few (or in this case, one).
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Yeah I saw that on the news she hosted the "goodnight show" witch helped parents get there pre-schoolers to bed.she performed in some videos that are not for kids.Thats all I will say though like you said no nudity was invovled.The shows been pulled from the air untill a new host is found.They say that what see did gives a bad image as a childrens host or somthing like that.
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Bad image

You are correct. the point was, if they are worried about their image (based on something that happenned outside her employment at the network), then they are essentially saying by having the other individuals on the payroll (without removing them) they are supporting obscene humor (that could never be on SNL uncensored) and spousal abuse. She only reference an adult act in a skit, others on the network have all but performed them in various roles which were condoned by the network (they message they are saying is it is ok to do "it" on camera for an audience, but if you dare joke about "it", that is unacceptable).

I am taking the only action available to the consumer (letter writing to the network and sponsors), I guess that is about all I can do (I just want them to be consistent).

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