TV or not TV - that is the question


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TV or not TV - that is the question

With apologies to Wm Shakespeare.

On February 18, 2009 all TV's in the U.S.A. which do not have a HDTV converter built in or as an external option, or are hooked to cable or satellite, will go blank.

If you have a TV you take camping, or on the deck, or to the game, it will be junk. If you have a few extra TV's around the house just to catch the news, or a little battery powered job in your desk at work or in the car, it will be a paper weight.

I have satellite but will have to pay extra to watch local news. The other TV's we have around the house and the little portable I use at work to catch the noon news will be fodder for the landfill.

Why did the government pick this shut off date instead of the first of the year? Because they didn't want the public to miss the superbowl.

" I'm from the government and I'm here to help you".
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Well, have you ever seen the Super Bowl in HD? That's a selling point right there. Technology...what can ya do.
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From the following WEB Site:

Once broadcasters transition from analog to digital, will analog televisions will be obsolete?

No. Set-top boxes which convert digital signals to analog signals are available now and will continue to be available at lower prices to consumers as the transition progresses. However, to enjoy the full benefits of Digital TV, including superior sound and clarity, you must own a Digital TV set. An analog television, with the addition of a set-top box, will still allow viewers to enjoy all of the programming they have always enjoyed.

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However, it should be great fun lugging a converter box around, and trying to find power for it in the woods, to watch my little 3" battery powered portable.

The only reason that the gov. wants to kill the simulcasting where you can watch without new or special adapters is so they can sell the frequencies to new licensees. It's all about the dollars.

I like modern gadgets, but don't appreciate "uncle" cramming them down my throat.

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