If you don't see many threads, read this.


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Exclamation If you don't see many threads, read this.

I've been a member of other forums on this site and always thought it odd that there were so few threads listed. I thought it must be a pretty useless site if no one comes here but when I ask questions, I always get good responses. A couple of times, I noticed that my own threads were gone from the list but I could find them if I searched for all threads I started. So why weren't they on the list of threads?

I just discovered that the forum default for displaying threads is that only threads that have been responded to in the last day or so appear on the list. Currently, it looked as though there are only three threads in this forum.

It turns out that if you go to User CP and edit your options, down near the bottom of the page you can change the Default Thread Age Cutoff from "Use forum default" to "Show all threads". The default must be something like only threads that have been started or updated in the last 24 hours.

Do non-members see everything when they first come to this forum? Are only members subject to the forum default?

The forum default ought to be "show everything" (or least the last 30 days) and let members cut back from that if they want to. Can that be changed? I'm sure my questions have been asked and answered before, but I didn't see the threads so I asked again.

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Go to the Community Forums page and go to Chats and Whines section. Click on it and then scroll down to the bottom. You will see..Sorted by and under that..From the. Look and see what the box there says. May be set for 2 days, week, 10 days etc. Scroll down to how far back you want to see posts and click there. This should set you up to see as many prevoius posts as you want.
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What you can also do is log out as a member and then look around to see what non-members see.
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I tried that. When a non-member reaches the Forums > Interior Home Improvements section, the sub-forum Walls & Ceilings says there are 4,847 threads. When you click on that forum, you only see four threads listed.

Magakdragon, you are right that the option is available to change the number of threads listed, but I have to wonder how many newcomers pay attention to display options when there's only a few threads being displayed anyway. I've been around here and other duy-type forums for awhile, and never noticed it or realized it would let me see more threads. It was only when one of my own threads "disappeared" from the list that I started investigating. Frankly, I feared that it had been deleted since I'd asked a question and gotten an answer and that was how the forum was kept tidy. As a member, I found the age setting in the User CP section.

I'm not trying to argue with you guys, but wouldn't it make more sense to set the default to show all threads rather than just those from the last day?

Like I said, when I first came here and saw only a handful of threads, my first thought was that no one must use these forums much. Either that, or threads must get deleted pretty quickly. So I posted my question. It may have been asked a dozen times before, but I didn't see anything listed for it. I really didn't expect to get any answers if no one comes here. I did get answers, though, from some very helpful folks. But I still didn't realize until today, that I could change a setting to see more past theads.

I may be wrong, but I think you would eliminate a lot of redundant questions if the default were to show everything that's been asked before. And I think more people would be served if they could see that there are thousands of discussions (not just four or five) as soon as they arrive here.

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if that's the case, that the default setting is only showing a couple posts at a time, i agree it needs to be increased.

i've sent a link to this thread to the Forums Monitor.

good suggestions & feedback are always welcomed. thanks for your input! :thumbsup:
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Annette....no "s"

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