Are the other fora of this quality out there?


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Are the other fora of this quality out there?

I like this forum; I never get bad or wrong advice. Of course, sometimes that means I get no advice.

I really haven't been able to find other fora of this quality [both content and ease of use] for additional advice, and the rules prevent linking to others, don't they?

So, how can I ask for help? Can I ask for search engines and search terms that bring up other good links on the first page?

Can I ask some-one to PM me other links?

Is there any alternative to slogging through all 802,000 links that come up from google?
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The current rules prevent linking to general sites, but if someone has a specific webpage that answers your specific question, it can be posted. No problem asking what someone is using for search words.
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Hmmm ...

So, if my specific question is, 'Are there any other fora of this quality out there?' ...

I REALLY need the message boards. Most of the tutorials and instructions I find are so neat and tidy, all right angles and plumb and level. Even the people working on the houses are wearing nice sturdy jeans and matching work-gloves. These people are the June Cleavers of the fix-it world; always tidy and everything resolved in thirty minutes.

[My home improvement projects are a bit more like The Sopranos; the storylines run all season and are filled with ignorance, poor judgement, and brutality. Well, at least injury.]

It's easy to get advice on how to do things right, but I need lots of advice on everything that can go wrong, because something new goes wrong every time.

I just walked into a store and bought a framing gun. Just paid my money and bought a tool I have no idea how to use, and I suspect I could kill myself, well more probably someone else, with it. Why did I buy it? Because I've hurt myself too badly to use a hammer. That's just not right.

So what do I do? I cruise the web, worry myself sick, procrastinate and delay, and go buy some plants. Then I work in the yard until I get some unspecified contact dermititis, take two benadryl, and watch some home improvement shows.

Eventually I start the project and sure enough some bizarre problem that I have never heard of but feel I should have anticipated comes up. So I damage something, often myself, and I yell at the dog, have a fight with the spouse, take two whiskey, and watch some b-rated horror shows. These are more relaxing that HI shows.

So, I do some more work, and draw some more blood, and shrug it off as an offering to the gods of home-improvement, who make Artemis and Hera looks like, well, June Cleavers in heels and pearls, and at every step I have to figure out how to deal with some problem that I will not see again for seven years, by which time I will have forgotten how I solved it.

Eventually, the project is completed and I hate the sight of it because it is not artisan-perfect, and I can always find the bloodstains no matter how hard I worked to remove or hide them.

So all I want, in addition to complete instructions on every step I must take, is a complete inventory of every single thing that might go wrong in the course of a project, and instant advice on what to do for every little problem that comes up.

That's why I wish I knew of a couple of more places that could warn me that I could knock chunks of plaster out of my office ceiling when I put new flooring the attic. [Haven't actually done it yet; that's scheduled for next week-end.]

Anyone have any tips on how to find some other good general DIY boards? TIA.
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Google for do it yourself forums. You will find that is the leading independent home improvement website featuring home improvement how-to info and home repair tips as well as do it yourself videos and projects. You will also find that has the most professionally managed forums on the internet. Many moderators are home improvement experts. The website offers a large warehouse of products, expert advice, and a community atmosphere which has a loyal following.
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Originally Posted by jhomeowner
So, if my specific question is, 'Are there any other fora of this quality out there?' ...
No [but I'm a little biased].

In the final analysis, you'll make mistakes regardless. We all do, even on jobs we have done dozens of times. Doo-doo occurs. When I fixed my Uncle Sam's airplanes for a living I must have stabbed myself in the thumb and fingers with safetywire 5,000 times even though I learned on about the second day that it HURTS.
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Sometimes you just have to ask yourself; how what why...
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wow. I hope you are a writer for a living. If not, you should be. That was one of the best descriptions of "do it yourself" i have ever seen.
Anyway, you live and you learn. learn to ask questions from people you trust, from people you buy equipment from, and from us at the forum.
You can never anticipate everything, as even the ol pro's will tell you.
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Why, thank you.

I did think I caught both the determination and desperation of the diy'er.

Actually, I'm a chemist, which actually comes in handy a LOT around the house.

[With no false modesty, I will say I write some of the best procedures and instructions I have ever read, and most of my skill comes from DIY instructions; 90% will teach you how to write good instructions, and the other 10% will teach you how not to write poor ones.]

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