Sounds like a typical dealership mechanic!


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Sounds like a typical dealership mechanic!

It's amusing to see some people actually get scammed like this.
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Actually, it's kinda sad.

I heard last week on stories about people who get ripped off and the people that actually worked at these places telling the truth about what they heard or what they were taught. I guess just sad for those who don't know any better.
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for those of us at work with employers who have most everything blocked...........WHAT are ya'll talking about????
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Whoops! Sorry Annette.

People get scammed for repairs that don't exist (basically). You go in for a simple oil and filter change and they come back at you with all these other problems that DON'T really exist. Some people just believe them and say "ok" and pay for it.

Here's one of the articles I copied and pasted if you care to read:

"EZ Lube could lose license
Investigators allege a pattern of charging for unnecessary or unperformed services.
The state Department of Consumer Affairs called for EZ Lube, a Santa Ana-based auto repair chain, to have its repair licenses suspended or revoked based on a pattern of charging for unneeded or unperformed services.

The Department's Bureau of Automotive Repair recommended the disciplinary action Wednesday after a two-year investigation by undercover investigators using 51 vehicles found 640 alleged violations at 30 EZ Lube shops.

Skip Miller, a Century City lawyer representing EZ Lube, said the company long ago ceased the types of practices contained in the complaint.

"They're wrong, they're absolutely wrong," Miller said of the bureau's accusations.

"They're based on events that have long since been addressed."

An administrative judge must uphold the accusations before EZ Lube is disciplined.

Wayne Ramos, head of the bureau's investigative branch, said his agency would demand that EZ Lube "demonstrate changing business practices to consider less than a revocation."

The company started in Santa Ana in 1988 and now owns 76 stores across Southern California. It services about 1.5 million cars a year.

The investigation began in 2004 after the Bureau of Auto Repair received hundreds of complaints from consumers, Ramos said. EZ Lube failed to improve its procedures after the Bureau brought the complaints to management's attention, he said.

Miller said that EZ Lube has improved its practices by retraining employees, trying a mystery-shopper program, conducting customer-satisfaction surveys and using certified independent auto inspectors to check work.

Investigators brought cars to 30 EZ Lube sites, including Orange County shops in Yorba Linda, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Orange, Laguna Hills and Lake Forest. Some examples in the complaint:

ĽAn undercover agent went to the Yorba Linda EZ Lube in a 2000 Ford Contour for a $19.99 oil change April 21, 2005.

She left after paying $343.01 for a new fuel filter, fuel-system cleaning, transmission flush and radiator fluid exchange that later were determined to be unnecessary.

ĽOn Feb. 24, 2005, an undercover agent went to the Laguna Hills shop in a 1989 Dodge Dynasty for an oil change.

She left with a bill for $250.40 for services that had not been performed, including refilling window-washer fluid, checking the air filter, cleaning the fuel system and replacing the oil-drain plug washer.

ĽAn agent in a 1994 Honda Accord went to a Lake Forest EZ Lube for an oil change and left after paying $105 for an unperformed oil change and fuel-system service and an unnecessary engine flush.

The bureau urges car owners to consult their vehicle manuals whenever a repair shop recommends routine maintenance, such as changing of fuels, filters or belts.

If you believe you are a victim of EZ Lube, provide the information on your invoice in a complaint to the Bureau of Automotive Repairs at or by calling 800-952-5210."
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oooohhh........yeah, that's low.
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Midas Car Care is a dealership...never heard that one before. Cars are not that complicated, isn't that hard to educate yourself a little bit and know when the Service Advisor if full of BS
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I take it you've never met my sister, right?
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I think one of the things in life that brings the most peace of mind is having a mechanic you can trust.
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You said it Mitch!! It is nice to have a mechanic give you a deal after buying a car from them. Make my citibank bill a bit lower than it otherwise could be (YEEEHAAA).

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