deleted posts?


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deleted posts?

The last few times I've started a thread it's disappeard after a day or two- what's up with that? Am I violating some kind of TOS? I can see inactive post being deleted after a while, but this is after only one or two days......

Sorry, never mind- seems that there are two different 'Insulation and Vapor Barriers' forums and I was posting in one and looking in the other. Rather confusing.....
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Originally Posted by honeychrome
...seems that there are two different 'Insulation and Vapor Barriers' forums...
nope, just one - in the Interior Home Improvement forum. where were you posting?
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Click your User Name. Click Find all posts by honeychrome, and you will find all your posts. Also, you can click to search forum posts over a longer period of time to search forums and find posts that have gotten bumped down the line by more current posts.
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"seems that there are two different 'Insulation and Vapor Barriers' forums"

Nope. Not correct.

One forum topic deals with Energy and Weatherstripping and the other deals with Insulation and Vapor Barriers. Two totally different subjects.

Weatherstripping deals with materials used to insulate around doors and windows, to prevent drafts from entering, etc. Usually weatherstripping has adhesive backing and is sold in rolls for the specific purpose. Same topic also deals with energy usage. Examples may be fuel heating and/or electric cooling energy bills, etc.

The Insulation and Vapor Barriers topic deals with insulation sold in bats, rolls and/or blown in insulation. Materials used for insulation, usually located in attics, between flooring joists, under raised foundations and between walls on exterior surfaces, etc.

Vapor Barrier materials used to prevent moistures from entering through walls, slab concrete floors, basements, cellars and some times ceilings, etc. Usually applied to slab flooring prior to wood, laminate and or special flooring installations, etc.

If a post (question) is posted into the incorrect topic, it is supposed to be moved into the correct topic. Most likely will be. If done correctly, a redirect will be left, indicating where post was moved to.

In the wrong topic, where question was originally posted into will be the word >moved< and the left behind automatic redirect to new forum where question was moved to.

Clicking the question will automatically take you to new forum topic location.

Post a question into the correct forum topic and it will remain there. If not, likely to be moved into correct topic. Doing so also benefits member posting question.

Correct topic already likely to have answer in prior posts. Also allows other members to read your question & obtain answers in the replies provided.

WIN-WIN for everyone!

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