Muffling train noise


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Train noise

I recently moved into a house that is 100ft from a busy railroad crossing. Throughout the day and night, we get to experience train whistle, engine noise, and trains braking. Not a day goes by that I do not wonder why the world we moved here. I spent the first six months here trying to find ways to keep the noises out. I found windows that might work but cost over $1000 each. I found goo that you placed on the drywall and then placed another layer of drywall on. Anyways, one night of lost sleep sucks but I am going on 9 months. If anyone has any info on ways to reduce the noise, I would greatly appreciate it.
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At 100 ft from a "busy" crossing, there's not a whole lot you're going to be able to do beyond possibly planting some fast-growing trees as a buffer. Even those will do very little. There are some ways to cut down some of the noise transmission, such as doubling the dry wall with special sound-proofing channel to isolate the two pieces, but you'll still get noise via the ground and through windows.

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