sawing baseball bat in half


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If you use a circular saw, be VERY careful!!! I lost the padding of my left pointer finger down to the bone being careless with one several years ago. to this day I still cannot use one, but at least the flashbacks have stopped from carrying one or just hearing one being used. It took about four months for that area to regrow with a mutilated fingerprint and is very hypersensitive to cold and being pinched or cut.
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My grandfather was a carpenter during the 1st half of last century. Like alot of the carpenters of his day he had more fingers missing [all or part] than he had intact. Back then a table saw was the only power equipment on a job site and a fence was what the farmers used to keep the cattle in

Safety has come a long way since then but safety always starts by using your head and working smart.
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Ive been hanging out a bit on some pro/semipro woodworking boards and reports of accidents have really opened my eyes

I was amazed at guys that will plunk down 4k + for the sawstop cabinet saw but then whats 4k compared to a couple of fingers or a hand ?

if your not familiar with it you can watch the video here

it only takes a second of distraction , or trying to make a foolish cut to change your life forever
"The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every year table saws are
involved in:

Over 60,000 injuries Over 3,000 amputations $2 billion in injury-related costs
Thatís one injury every 9 minutes!"

currently I do most woodworking with this

it utilizes the "dead wood " concept where your hands are kept far from the spinning blade and kickbacks are impossible

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