Daytona 500


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Daytona 500

The world is right - the boys are racing again!
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Daytona 500

I will bet on a flag within the last 5 laps. Good for ratings and good for teams. Bad for real drivers.

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Wow! Color me surprised. I figured that by the time this illegal fuel additive debacle was totally exposed, they would have to call it the Daytona Memorial 500 since there wouldn;t be any cars left to run and it would all be based upon your memories of races past.

Long live open wheel racing.

Anybody can bump their way through 500 miles. It's when if you touch wheel s you have the possibility of becoming airborne and then still driving mere inches apart, now that is skill.
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I won!

I won my bet on the flag!!!!!
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Smile It was a good one

It was a good race...but what a finish!
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Man, I really wanted to see Mark Martin get a Daytona 500 victory.
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You and me [and thousands of others] both!
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Me too

Exiting finish though
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They should call it NASCA now, they have pretty much taken the racing out of it. If there had not been the wrecks at the end I'm sure there would have been a speck of dirt on the track to bring out a "debris caution"
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Another flag race -

I predict another race - this time in California with a "convenient" flag in the last 5 laps to create another "exciting" finish that wipes out much of the good racing efforts in the previous laps.

At least I won't have to watch all the commercials and the announcers that take turns reporting/reading the previously prepared driver/situation stories for a few hundred laps.

I begin to wonder why I watch, when I can do other things and tune in near the end of the TV scheduled time or watch it for the next week.

Only a month or two for the start of good racing - dirt tracks every week end and Formula 1 every two weeks.
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Only 19 days until March Madness!!!

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