NASCAR COT Savior or failure


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NASCAR COT Savior or failure

Is COT the best thing thing to happen or the worst?????
As a my cars the fastest fan, I personally think it is not good for the sport. Anybody else got opinions?
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"Car Of Tomorrow"

If they get the bugs worked out and it's a quality racecar then they should make a race of its own like IROC. I like seeing the different cars out there.
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I watch NASCAR, not IROC. I like the variety in cars, even within a team - several of the Cup racers had brought a summer car to Daytona wanting the extra down force in those cars knowing that the new tires this season aren't providing a lot of grip.
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I agree with the theory behind the COT and hope it works but I sure hope there not all as ugly as the few I've seen. Safer cars is always better and I'd love to see racing get back to where the little guy has a legitimate shot but.......

I guess I'll wait until Bristol to see if 43 identical cars can have 4 different identies with different stickers. Are they still going to have different nose's?
My oldest son works for a company that builds race cars [mostly dirt] and the only difference between their fords and chevys is the nose and the motor

Bottom line - racing is racing, so as long as the competion is good - I'll watch
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NASCAR COT Savior or failure

The NASCARS cars today are to much alike and are not at all like the stock cars that they sort of resemble. Just look at the Formula 1 where the real big money and interest is. The cars are very different, but have the same general limits. Granted, the budgets, salaries and ticket prices are much higher. They do run with governors though, to keep the RPMs below 19,000, but they do run in the rain.

Going to the COT is just one step past the normally created flags by teams or individuals during the last 5 laps. It is also 1 step closer to merging with the WWF and other wrestling circuses that reply on hype and unpredictable created finishes. - NASCAR is not rigged, but the flags and finishes create an abnormal finish.

I just like real racing, so just give me dirt track and modifieds or F1! - I do think some of the best real drivers are the crazy rally drivers that drive normal cars through every condition.

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Originally Posted by Concretemasonry View Post
I just like real racing, so just give me dirt track
IMO it doesn't get much better than a saturday nite dirt track race. If I was younger, had more energy and the $'s I'd almost forget NA$CAR and be at 1-2 dirt tracks every weekend

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