The fat cops are coming


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The fat cops are coming

I just saw a piece on MSNBC about CPS in Britain removing a kid from his home because he was too fat. They alledge that the parents were abusive by overfeeding and not providing enough fruits and vegetables.
If I heard correctly there is also a case pending in AZ or NM.
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Depends on how overweight the kid is. It could definately qualify as child abuse.

I didn't watch the show but there have been commercials showing some little girl that weighed (I think) around 400 pounds. She was simply a ball of fat. She couldn;t walk and was in a wheelchair.

Now I am not unreceptive to the idea that the propensity to be heavy is somewhat genetic but that situation is just wrong.

Either the parents are causing the girl to be fat or there is a medical problem the needs to be addressed ASAP that isn't being addressed.

Either one of those is child abuse.
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