Why do cars today look friendly?


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Why do cars today look friendly?

I have noticed recently that some car companies have been making their cars with smiley faces in the front end. I had a '71 Chevy stepside pickup several years ago and the front end of that truck looked mean, which I personally thought was much cooler. Thank you in advance for any input.
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it's part of Bush's "kinder gentler" America. If you percieve the cars as friendly, it will make you friendly. Kind of like the "spread a smile" campaign.

People respond to their environment in a manner in kind to how they feel and a friendly car is going to make you feel "friendly"

Like that explanation? Sounds like BS to me. Hopefully it does to you as well.

I think there are a lot of Japanese cars that their tail lights look like slanty eyes. Kind of angers me. Reminds me of where our money is going.
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Yea, ever notice the cars names like; Neon, Focus or Avalon....Huhhh ?
I remember when cars had real names like; Baracuda, Tempest, Wildcat and Fury... that's a good one !
I think it's all about being "PC" these days and not wanting to offend anyone or even sounding mean.
When I was a kid my Dad had a '70 Ford station-wagon and I allways thought it had mean lookin front end on it.
I always thought that one of the coolest and meanest lookin front ends was the '67 GTO, although the '07 Mustang and New Chargers are lookin' pretty mean these days.

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