*HOW* permanent is a permanent magnet?


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*HOW* permanent is a permanent magnet?

The reason I ask is magnetism and electricity are kindred spirit. And I am also amazed how electricty comes out of things either through generation or static. Electrons get stripped. How much can be stripped before the thing disintegrates? When you "make" electricity, crudely, like how we did it in grade school...what makes it keep making it? And now I can't recall the device we used exactly. (It seemsed to me it was some small crank motor but I can't recall for sure) I remember all of us holding hands and the electricty flowed through every person and then when it got to the last person, something happened but I can't remember what.

And with magnets, there is this seemingly perpetual motion going in and out of the magnet, like a cat chasing it's tail... and it's amazing what got it started and what makes it keep on doing it.
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this doesn't answer any of your questions. Just thought since you were into magnetism you might enjoy this.

when you go to this page, go down to the video and photos and watch the video.

It;s pretty cool.


there are 3 things needed to create electricity (using magnetism)
1. a magnetic field
2. a conductor
3. relative motion.

anytime you have those three things, you create electricity.

don't know why it happens, but if you heat a neodymium-iron-boron (rare earth) magnet, it will cause it to become demagnetized.
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I think the magic machine you are looking for is a Van De Graaf generator.

Now after thinking how cool all those mystery things like magnets, motors and static electricity. How about the aurora. If you never get far enough north to see them from the ground you might see them if you fly to Europe. Going over, get a seat on the left side of the plane (seat A). Halfway through the flight look out the window. Flying between Chicago and Stockholm or Helsinki is about the best. You stay in the aurora ring for hours. They are so bright, colorful and can move really fast.
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I think you were using a magneto. It's basically a small generator with a coil. It creates a short duration, high voltage pulse to fire a spark plug.
We did the same trick in 8th grade science class 50 years ago. The last person in line gets the shock. I suppose if a teacher tried that now there would be lawsuits.
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I live near the University of Notre Dame (exteme north Indiana). This past fall we were able to view the aurora borealis. Wasn't real colorful this time but have seen it very colorful here before.
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A normal magnet (not one of the special types developed in a lab or electro magnet) is nothing more than a slug of iron with atomes lined up in a particular direction. You can actually make a chunk of iron magnetic by lining it up north to south and hitting it with a hammer (it is not a strong magnet, but it is noticeable). This is because the impact of a hammer causes the atoms to vibrate just enough to get enough to point in the north south direction in line with the Earth's magnetic field. Conversely, you can weaken a magnet by lining it up any direction but north south and hitting it sharply with a hammer.
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As mentioned before, the old class experiemnt you did was with a magneto. I did it also.. They were common on tractors and old cars. You just grap the spark plug, and grab your friend and bang.

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