What's wrong with this airline picture?


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What's wrong with this airline picture?

Why is it that an airline, that can fly my family and I (3 people total) from Washington DC to Chicago for the same price I would pay for ONE ticket on the other airlines? Why is it the cheap airline has relatively good customer service (at 1/3 the cost) and can make a profit (with fares up to 1/3 the big guys)? While to major airlines provide lousy service (at 3X the cost) and are losing money (at 3X the fare). What am I missing?
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Well, I would think the larger company has more overhead, more employees and related expenses, spend more on advertising, have more planes to maintain and fuel, and since they probably offer more flights, then some of the lesser used flights would probably lose money, so they have to charge more on the high traveled ones to make up for it. This would be my guess.

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I don't fly very often but I think prices vary alot - even with the same airline. About 16 yrs ago I flew from Orlando to N.E. Tn round trip for about $160 to look at and purchace property. When I moved here 10 months later, it took 2 U-haul trips and to fly 1 way[same airline] was over $500 - I took the bus
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I live near CVG, a Delta hub airport. If I want to fly to Tampa, the fare may be $ 450. If I drive to Dayton ( about 50 miles ) I can get on a Delta flight for $ 250. This flight will first stop at CVG and then fly non stop to Tampa.

The prices I show are not exact, but are meant to show how the fare can vary on the same flight, depending on where you board.
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Originally Posted by marksr View Post
About 16 yrs ago...
yeah...and how much was gas 16 years ago? Like... $1.00 or so a gallon?

whoops!... Nevermind...
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The big disparity between carriers in ticket prices is usually attributed to operating expenses. Older, more established airlines are more likely to have more senior (read expensive) employees and more expensive union contracts.
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It's a mystery to me too. A month or so ago we were buying tickets to travel to Central America. Despite my attempt to fly on the smaller airlines, one of the big guys clobbered everyone in pricing. Not even a travel agent could find lower. We are doing a stopover for a wedding on our way there and to visit family on the way back, and the ticket price is exactly the same whether you go nonstop, stopover, no stopover, change times, add days.... ::Shrug::

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