Rosie gets canned!


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Rosie gets canned!

Her most recent debacle must have been the final straw.

No matter how they spin it publically she was fired. Most likely for her attack dog rant about Murdoch, a personal friend of Walters. Or maybe it was grabbing her crotch and yelling for Trump to "eat me" at a women in media awards dinner.

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.
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Caught a little clip of part of it on the news and Ba-ba Wa-wa, sitting next to her, didn't exactly look like she was going to break down and cry over the news.

She'll resurface, Wayne, so stay tuned.
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And the people rejoiced.
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That woman and Oprah are so stuck on themselves, they should come out with their own line of glue. The only difference is Rosie is louder and makes dumber decisions....
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The problem is, much as we may dislike someone like this, they are only employed because a significant number of people want to see or hear them - employability is related to popularity. I don't ever watch Oprah or Rosie, regardless of the context, but there has to be a lot of people who do.
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I don't watch either, either; just know them by passing news items. My favorite Oprah item was when she "gave" a bunch of cars to the studio audience. Or, umm, gave them the keys, since GM ponied up the cars in a pretty well-orchestrated bit of marketing.
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And I bet a lot of the people in the audience couldn't keep the cars because of the amount of income tax they had to pay on them. Nothing is free in USA. Uncle Sam always wants his cut.

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