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Angry TV commercials

I decided to lay down and watch TV for an hour and quickly became bored with the commercials and started to think that there sure seems to be alot of them. I decided to count them. I ain't gonna name the channel but it sounds like "E", is 1 letter, and is between D and F. Well, after 12 minutes the commercials began. I counted 10 commercials for 4 whole minutes. I thought my clock was off cause commercials used to start at 15 minutes past the hour when I was young. 1970-80's. Granted a few were 15 second commercials just like in the past but back then they only lasted 2 minutes at 15,30,45 past the hour and of course at the top. Then the show came back on and wouldn't you know 12 minutes later another 4 full minutes plus an extra 15 second spot, and 11 commercials, then 12 minutes after that another 4 minute 15 seconds and 11 commercials. This went on every 12 minutes for the entire hour for a total of 5 commercial spots, 21 minutes and some 50 different commercials. I remember only 4 spots, 8 minutes and about 16-20 commercials back when. This is pay TV? I know most of the commercials want to sell something but isn't that too much? So, lately instead of 52 out of 60 minutes of TV, now I get 39. No wonder, I am getting bored!!! Then I change the channel only to find out there is a commercial on that channel. Damn...That is still too many commercials. 13 more minutes of TV commercials an hour...I think I'll learn where the off button is.
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Only 13 minutes per hour? That's quality programming.

Most channels have about 17 minutes per hour of commercials and such. Most programs start with a 2 to 5 minute teaser and then 3 to 5 minutes of commercials.

Of course you could do as I do, record all the programs that you think you may want to watch and then fast forward through the crap. Sometimes I find myself watching the entire program on fast forward.
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I have star trek and stargate dvds and the episodes are only 43 minutes! And these shows fill up an hour of TV time.
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I can relate. Stanley Cup playoffs are on. All the sponsers come up with a great commercial, then play the same one every commercial break for the next 3 months. Its absolutly maddening.
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You really WERE bored NewHomeowner!

Hmmm... letter that sounds like E, is one letter and in between D and F? LOL!

I do the same thing as furd. Funny and good thing is, I haven't found myself bored to watch it yet. I've got some good shows/movies to watch when I do though.

I think commercials are for bathroom breaks, load a bucket of laundry or make some popcorn or get a snack to eat.
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How 'bout the slimy mucus guys on the commercials, or that nasty digger dermatophite (sp?) having a party under some guys toenail. Yeah, and here I am trying to swallow my slice of pizza when the dancing blood dot comes across my screen for a feminine product commercial. They think that's going to persuade me to buy their product? Keep on smiling Bob.
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I hear ya, cheese.

Another recent trend which I find downright irritating is 30 seconds of singing and dancing which has nothing to do with the product being advertised.

For example they have spray salad dressing now. The ENTIRE spot is a bunch of women singing and dancing with the d**n bottles in their hands. (And zero information about the product itself.) I dunno about you but I wouldn't get that excited about a bottle of salad dressing no matter what kind of illicit substances they put in it.

Same exact deal with a potato chip commercial that is now running. They should just park someone in front of the camera and calmly detail to me the nutritional facts and why it's no much better than the other chips.

Just goes to show you what kind of IDIOT the common person has become, that they need to appeal to the general population in such a manner.
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Huh... You mean to tell me you folks actually sit and watch this stuff? Just imagine how many fish you could have caught in the same amount of time.
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"Just imagine how many fish you could have caught in the same amount of time." For me watching a commercial during TV sports is way less aggravating than fishing for hours catching what I do, which is nothing.
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With the "quality" of most television programs, I'm not interested in any show enough to tolerate 10 commercials every few minutes. So when they start, I channel surf and find something else to watch....till THEY start, then I surf again.
Kind of drives the wife nuts though.
And if our DVD player was'nt so hard to learn the programming (might be an "age" thing), I'd likely follow furds lead and record what I want to watch.
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I can think of a few substances that might make me dance about my salad dressing ...

But, about commercials: I never watch television without something to read handy. I don't bother surfing during commercial because I have noticed that ALL THE STATIONS SHOW COMMERCIALS AT THE SAME TIME! They may start 15 s. later or end 15 s. earlier, but in general, if you surf, you just surf through commercials.

I suspect a conspiracy.

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