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Let me start by saying this site is amazing. Thank you for starting it, and thanks to all the mods by keeping it going.

I am a bit curious why I can't post images, or even "clickable" links to images. I do however understand the bandwidth problem, with everyone wanting to upload photos to the server, but what If I host them thru photobucket, or imageshack. When I have had a question, it has been pretty specific, and have included links to the images of my project, but I feel that there are a lot of people out there who know a WHOLE lot about my paticular project, but don't know how to copy and paste the link into a new browser to view the images. If the site is worried about people posting obscene photos, then can we at least enable the [url] tag, so people can click on the link to open a new browser with the photo?

Thanks for listening!
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I'm curious about some similiar things Blake. But I do understand the reasons to disallow both image upload and [url] tags.

No image upload should be obvious. Legal issues, storage space, mega bandwidth, etc.

I think we can thank google for the lack of clickable links. Spammers like to post links in forums to increase their PageRank[tm]. It does not matter if any humans see these links... they just want the search engines to see them.

That's all understandable. What I don't understand is why vB code is completely turned off. At the very least [quote] should be enabled. I'm only guessing that they simply don't have the people on staff with programming knowledge to make such a specific change. (It's far easier to uncheck a checkbox than have someone make a custom change.)

I saw at least one post where a moderator said that [quote]'ing was a waste of bandwidth. (It definitely is if needlessly quoting, but...) An average judicious quote adds maybe 5 lines. If we can call them 80 character lines that's 400 bytes plus an additional handful of bytes for the html surrounding it. They would save FAR more bandwidth by simply eliminating the smiley's or compressing some of the images to a lower quality.

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There's been an on-going discussion on both url links and images. The administrative concern is security issues and also back when images were enabled we had some scumbags posting porn so for the time being members need to copy and paste links for url's and use photo services such as photobucket for images.
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"There's been an on-going discussion on both url links and images."

I agree, leave those items disabled.

But I don't see what this has to do with [quote]'ing nor the rest of the cosmetic tags.
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Also under discussion at the admin level and I'm not sure what the problem is with quoting.
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Thanks for the "ack" tow guy. Don't let em cite bandwidth.

I'm guessing it's just the vB code in general?
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The issue is being worked on and the owners are well aware of it. Hopefully sometime in the future some of the codes will be turned back on. The clickable links and pictures will probably not be back due to the previously stated issues.

Thanks for the concern.
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To all concerned.

To allow the Quote feature to be usable, the entire string of vB codes for that option must be turned on. The "Quote" option is NOT a separate string of codes in and of itself. It is an integral part of the entire string of codes. So turning on the Quote feature requires the entire string of code features be on. Not happening at this time. Maybe later.

Until the software writers separate the codes into individual strings, the entire vB string remains off. Hope this clears up that issue. At least for now. Until the subject once again resufraces....(gets posted again)....

The codes for [URL] hyper links (HTTP) is also off. And that code string also will remain off. And for the reason(s) stated above and within this thread.

If anyone wants to include a hyper link [url] into their post, simply copy the link address from the browser address bar where the site is located and paste it into a post.

Anyone whom chooses (elects) to copy and repast a url into their address bar to view the site, does so voluntarily. At you're own risk... Other sites can expose your computer to viruses, hackers and or offensive pictures or sites, etc.

As they would clicking a hyper link, [url] if the codes where on. With the codes off, as they are presently, our site moderators do not have to monitor (view) nor manage (edit/remove) URLs.

Problem with codes being on is referred to above and in prior posts within this thread. Security issues and continuous upgrades to the site also.

Neither codes has anything to do with storage space, bandwidth, etc. Nor will any substitutions be made to allow any other codes be on.

Hope this explanation clears the air on this matter.

Smilies are here to stay...
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how do I get smiles ?

I see post Icons

where are smiles ?

ok I found it

bottom of the page , posting rules , clik on Smilies then c&P


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