One-shot posters


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One-shot posters

Do others get irritated at people that post a question, usually with few details, and then never post again?

I'm retired and so I have lots of time to waste, err, spend, on the Internet. I enjoy sharing my years of experience with people that want some insight into their problems. I don't begrudge the time I spend here but I really wish that people that ask questions would return to let us know if the answers provided helped them in any way.
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Yes! I have actually entertained the notion to contact the administrator somehow and ask him to consider forum rule stipulation that all those asking questions here...that if they want to post in this forum again, that they must be polite enough to respond back to those who have offered their help. Not necessarily to everyone...but one post giving a progress/update report.
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One shot posters rank up there with people dat dont now how 2 tipe or spel.
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I know it's disheartening to not hear back but......

One shot posters are really a minor problem.
At least they don't return to torment us.

It's not only these that don't read the rules, many of our regulars don't as well or if they do they just ignore them.
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I agree with furd on this one. While I do enjoy assisting where I can as well as some of the problems actually cause me to expand my mind and remind me of things long forgotten, it is nice to hear how things worked out.

I just think it is a decent thing to do as a poster seeking assistance from those willing to give it freely.

Just think of them like your kids. You spend years helping them in so many ways with nary a thanks. Hopefully some day they will realize the benefit of those that did help and give thanks, hopefully like your kids did eventually.
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I also like to hear the results. I usually assume the problem was fixed if I don't hear back. What's more irritating to me is when a poster asks: "What is wrong with my mower, (no brand, model#, or any information at all) won't start. Do you think it could be A, B, or C? I already replaced X, Y, and Z (none of which are remotely related to the area of concern)."

So I answer with "Have you checked D? It really sounds like that's the problem. Remove it and let us know how it looks".

Then the thread continues with 25 posts about A, B, and C...and what the mechanic down the road told them, and what the neigbor said, etc...
Then a guy with no clue at all comes in and completely incorrectly diagnoses it as something way out in left field, throwing the whole thing off course.
The thread finally comes to an end when they've spent $250 on A, B, and C without solving anything, and then went out and spent $7 on D (just beacause there's nothing else left to try) like I said, and the problem was solved.
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It's always nice to hear which option worked when more than one was offered. The one I hate, though it fortunately happens only rarely, is when you ask a question of the OP to clarify and they never respond to that.
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Mitch, that's the one that gets me. A vague question that requires more information to address intelligently, the info is asked for, and then "poof" gone.
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i think the one-shotters are people who are VERY new to internet forums. they probably didn't set their options correctly to get email notifications of replies to their post, so they never knew they got any replies. they probably forgot where this forum is, so they can't return. or if they did return, they can't find their post. or...they did probably fix their problem, so no need to return. and they might think the people/mods giving out the advice are being paid, and since it's their job, they don't need thanks. who knows.

i remember the first time i discovered a forum (not this one). i just thought it was so cool that people were posting questions & actually getting answers, that i posted something stupid just to see if it really worked!!! actually, i think what i posted was a really rude response to someone's dumb question, and i couldn't believe that someone else came back & scolded me for being so rude. that's when i realized these were REAL PEOPLE with feelings & everything! and only until i personally felt the satisfaction of helping someone and getting a "thank you" from them, that i tried to make sure to always leave my own "thank you" for advice i'd gotten. that's what it's really all about - feeling good about helping others. that's the reason we all do this for free and in our spare free personal time.

the internet is still very new for a lot of people, and forums are new for even more. and a lot of the ones who seem to not know how to TIPE or SPEL don't speak English very well to begin with, so i've come to realize.

so give 'em a break.

or, like a few members/mods i've seen, put something in your signature line to the effect of "And please let us know how your project turns out!!!" to help remind everyone that we are people and we do want to know & care how their project turns out!!!
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As agreed.

Sorry, but I'd hate to admit, I may be one of them! (furd, remember my florescent light issue?). Anyway, another reason may be that the DIYer may not have had time to get to doing what was suggested. (I was ready the weekend I asked the question, but since then, I haven't really had the time. It's been about a month...)

How about those Title's with "Help me!"?
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My favorite title is when some uses their login name as the title of the post - that really helps get me oriented as to what they need!
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Don't ever expect thanks or a response. Don't hold your breath. I've been here for almost a decade. Some mods do a good job of editing titles of threads for search engine and others do not. We can edit threads. Most mods don't take the time. Help!?! Edit thread in parantheses. Don't ever expect thanks. I've been a community volunteer since I was a wee kid at age 9 and am now a Rotary president. Sorry, when looking for volunteers, eyelids go half mast or lower.
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Considering Annettes' response, perhaps if new-user profiles were defaulted to recieve e-mail notifications of responses they would return..

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