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Thumbs up Habitat for Humanity

I worked on building a Habitat for Humanity house this past Friday. Our company is sponsoring the house and various Program Teams work on it each week. Good learning experience, good team building, and a great cause.

Our team did the inside insulation and outside vinyl siding.

Recommend it for everyone.

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Good outfit; I do the towing for their donated cars in this area. Nice people to work with.
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I agree. I haven't hooked up with them here, but did a lot of their floor work where I used to live. Good cause.
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If I didn't need a paycheck, I'd be all over it. Wish I could afford to volunteer more.
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check to see if they have one in your area , the "restores" sell donated and surplus building materials and tools

I love the place I stop by two or three times a week , rarely leave empty handed

( I even check out the ones in two guys neck of the woods when I'm down that way )
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Yes! The semester is over and I can dwell in these forums once again! I went on a Habitat for Humanity trip when I was a senior in high school (it's how my friends and I spent our spring break) and we went to Florida. The average age of the group we worked with was 70 so we felt a bit out of place but everyone was so nice and we learned a lot! I definitely recommend it to anyone who might be interested. P.S.- we did the insulation and siding too. That stuff itches like crazy though!
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LOL!! That's funny. My guess is, the significance of who did the insulation probably wasn't lost on you. Old age and treachery will overcome youthful exuberance just about every time. We old geezers have been around long enough to know which jobs to give the kids. I don't know who you are, but I salute you. In a world where kids are all over the papers during spring break, it's refreshing to hear of a few with their heads screwed on right.
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The local Habitat here always has a spring break project crew. It IS refreshing.
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I wish I had time to volunteer. A friend of ours loved her service time with Habitat. I pop into the Habitat outlet store when I can and usually find some really fun stuff. We also have Bud's Warehouse here in Denver, which is a private church org that takes materials donations, but money goes into helping disadvantaged families. I found some AWESOME tile there a couple weeks ago - it's the kind of stuff I simply wouldn't be able to afford otherwise, and will really make our bath surround shine.
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No, the distribution of tasks was definitely not lost on us. But we had a great time anyway. This stuff is especially amazing when shared with close friends. Really, it was such a memorable experience and a thousand times better than partying away in Cancun or whatever and not remembering a thing about it afterwards. Not to mention, there are no blackmail-worthy pictures left behind.

But logcabincook, I totally hear you. Since going to college, I've found less and less time for stuff like this. But it's always good to keep an ear open for opportunities in case there's something you REALLY want to do.
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My sister actually did it for spring break one year when she was in college. I think this is such a great program though, something Jimmy Carter got right.

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