right of way


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right of way

this probably dont belong in this thread or forum but too many drivers dont understand the right of way. i got the finger today i was going straight the other driver was making a left turn i went so did they, i had to lock um up i think was in the right no collision but they think they were right, who has the right of way left turner or one going straight. my experiance is one going straight.
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Assuming no light giving them the right(arrow), you had the right of way. But many defensive drivers courses have taught me, if the other guy wants to go bad enough to risk injury/damage, let them. Grinn and bear it............then flip them the bird.
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Right of way always goes to the one who got to the intersection first, when 2 or more get there at the same time the one on your right goes first. When both are on the left ....... as Bill said it's always best to motion the other guy on...... life's too short to spend time in traffic court!
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some states are very specific as to determining right of way. In your situation, if both drivers arrived at exactly the same time, the one going straight is generally the one allowed right of way.

If the other guy got there first, he most likely had right of way.

If there was an accident, it is often solved by determining both to be at fault and to each injury their own liability. So because of that, beware; even if you were basically correct, it could still cost you in the end.

Now that is where it was beneficial to drive an old beater car. Most folks won;t challenge you if it looks like you have already run into a few cars.

some of the problems arise when a person does not actually stop before proceeding because the believe they have the right of way. The problem with that is you do not establish right of way until you stop.
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Funny, I don't usually have that problem when I'm driving my work vehicle.

From the Florida traffic laws:


Who has the right-of-way in Florida? The answer is no one! The law only says who must yield (give up) the right-of-way. Every driver, motorcyclist, moped rider, bicyclist and pedestrian must do everything possible to avoid a crash.
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I did a short stint as a defensive driving instructor for motorcycles many years ago. I used to tell my students, "if you insist on your rights, you'll be dead right".
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It depends.
If you both had stop signs and he got there first he had right of way.
If no stop signs or signals, just a striaght through intersection, you had right of way.
If only green lights and no arrows then you had right of way. You would have had red if there was arrows for him.

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