Fathers Day


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Fathers Day

Dads - Does anyone ever ask what YOU would like to do for Father's Day? For years I have endured a family Father's Day outing at the beach. Not my choice. Not my favorite place. Hot sun, sweat, and sand where I don't need it. Everyone else has a great time playing beach games, getting beat in the surf or poached in the sun. I'm not allowed to cook (something I enjoy) because after all it's Father's Day and I should take it easy.

I think this year I'll pass.
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I'm a relatively new dad, my daughter is just about nine months old. My wife just asks me what I want for Father's Day, in which I reply... "a happy and healthy family". There is not much I want or want to do, with the exception of seeing that smily on my little girl's face and her pretty blue eyes looking up at me.

Sounds to me like your family is using the special day as a mini vacation at your expense . I am under the impression that one should spend time with their father on Father's Day, not really drag him along, against his will, to watch them all do things that does not interest him. I'm sure they all mean well though. You could always fire up the grill prior to the trip and invite them to eat, etc as oppose to being drafted for the beach trip.
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I never really want anything but I do enjoy the day. We usually go eat somewhere and I get some type of cool gift. My wife likes to spoil me.
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JWPowers, I've been where you are and its great! You're a lucky man.

My best Fathers day is to have the kids home for supper. I get everything ready then bbq something. Homemade burgers on charcoal are my favorite (I live dangerously and eat mine extremely rare). Then they clean up. Pretty sure the US Open in that weekend? Imagine, coffee on the deck in the morning, BBQ, US Open, Kids around, couple rye and Dr Pepper, nice weather, what a day! I can hardly wait!

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