180 seconds between posts?


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180 seconds between posts?

Why do we have to wait 180 seconds between posts? I can read and reply to several threads in that time, and go on to other things.. All it does is slow things down.. Will it be changed back?
I also posted this in the "Computers" forum, so please excuse the duplicate..

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I would imagine it is a safety measure to guard against spammers. We don't need spammers here.
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There are other ways to do that.. Such as register - get a confirmation e-mail - logon.. That works for most other forums..
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Not this one my friend...not this one. Just think, when was the last time you seen spam here? My point exactly.
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I think it is an on again off again type problem related to fighting spam. I too have been affected by it but as mysteriously as it appears, it goes away to come back another day

If you think about all that's good with this web site/forum it will easily negate the occasional annoyance.
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hi, what the activity that you had experianced is (the 180 seconds between posting) called flood control, this is to prevent repeated spamming of the boards in a short period of time, many message board websites (phpbbb and vbulletin) its a safety and security measure set by server that the message board is on

this is one of the features used by message board sites to prevent automated computers from spamming it (for an example check out yahoo's message boards) yahoo i dont believe has that security feature, thus you see tons and tons of ads not relating to the subject matter,

this is same reason why when you register to this site (www.doityourself.com) they send you an activation email then you have to click a link in it so it will know its a human that is on the other end and not some ad server submitting spam.
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>many message board websites (phpbbb and vbulletin) its a safety and security
>measure set by server that the message board is on

Just FYI, it's set by the board software (vbulletin in this case), not the server that's hosting it. Been running message boards since the early 90's with a variety of software, I've never needed to implement some of the restrictions (such as no clickable links, no image posting, etc) that DIY has chosen to.

All a time delay really does is cut down on the number of 1 liner posts that a lot of people like to do. Replies like 'me too' or 'I agree', that take up space but contain no substance.

What annoys me more are places that have time delays on searches. If my first search turns up no results, it doesn't take that long to modify the terms and re-submit. Even more than that are the image verifications, even *I* have a hard time making some of these out, much less the automated software that tries to bypass them.
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I have hit the 180 second thing a couple of times. The post just didn't get my response. I just went on the next one.
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exactly there are other ways to control spam , what the 180 second post rule does is cut down on responses , someone might have the OPs answer but cant post so they go on and question doesn't get a answer or doesn't get the answer that solves the issue
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I usually have 2 or 3 browser windows open at a time, so if there's a hold up for whatever reason on one site, I just switch to another site for a few minutes and then come back. That way a minute or two goes by really fast and it's no big deal.
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Now Mango et.al. you all know I do not post one word answers or even one line answers. Heck, I don;t usually get in under one paragraph.

I'll tell you this, it frustrates me enough that if it happens at the wrong time I will simply go away.

I have enough frustration in my life and this annoyance is one I can control; by not posting here.
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It is annoying. Also on a DIY type forum, pics are generally a huge plus as it is much easier to post a picture than describe something. I know that you can type a url for it to copy and paste, but even that can be a nuissance.
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This web site, as do many others of it's size and popularity, does use flood control, (time span delay between postings) to avoid spamming and email validation with IP logging for membership.

This web site, once again, like many others of it's size and popularity, also uses minimum number of characters required for a post, etc. Plus several other security features to avoid being hacked or compromised, etc.

The measures taken to keep this site clean and free of spamming, unwanted non paid ads, advertisements, solicitations, surveys, pop ups, porn and other objectionable pictures, members advertisements and website hijackers, etc, are all benefits to the majority of users, not a disadvantage to some users.

The Do It Yourself site is moderated by professionals working in the industry fields. So it is designed and managed by professionals for the professionals. Our members come here to post their questions to obtain professional advice and nothing more. Any of the above unwanted postings, etc, provide no benefits to our members.

The security measures and operational software settings will not likely be altered. There are simply too many benefits for the majority and far to little disadvantages for the few.

If any of these security measures and or prevention features causes a few members some displeasures, we can only ask that you consider the overall advantages. Not the few inconveniences.
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Also, when they are working on the website, it can operate at a slower pace. Time between postings can also be affected by server speed.

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