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New forums confusion

I just today noticed that there is now a "bathroom and kitchen tile" forum in addition to the tile forum in the flooring forums. I'm not sure why it made any sense to create the new forum, as it will quickly become confusing to posters seeking advice as to which forum to post to. Additionally, folks like me with limited time who like to help diyers when I can, need to look in more places to be able to help. I noticed in the new forum that there were questions from diyers that went unaswered for about a week, and no doubt the original posters went elsewhere. These are people that I or someone else could have helped if I had seen the posts last week. Bottom line is its confusing and more time consuming for people to get answers to questions.
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Grouping like and similar topics closer together within the categories. One reason for two tiling topics. Makes more sense when looking over the entire site and considering the size and scope of a web site of this size.

Having all tile topics in one area (category) may mean the title topic is way down in flooring category when member is asking about kitchen or bathroom title. The post is made in either kitchen or bath and it goes un noticed.

Members and moderators, whom are experts in the topics of expertise, may answer questions in multiple topics anyway. Most do.

There are different types and purposes for tiling. So the flooring topic deals with flooring tile while the kitchen and bath can deal with all types of tiling. Reading the topic descriptions (black wording) helps to inform what the topic includes and covers...

Another factor is service and convenience to the members. Unanswered tile questions in either the bathroom or kitchen topics helps no one. That's the way it was but isn't now.

Same applied to the former Mobile Homes topic. Who answered questions in that topic regarding flooring, electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc etc etc. Same appliances, fixtures and problems....yet many questions left unanswered.

Changes being made to hopefully improve the services this site provides to the many whom come here for the Expert Advice provided and user friendly features....

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