piggy backing onto old threads


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piggy backing onto old threads

I've noticed an upsurge of people (mostly new members) piggy-backing onto old threads. By old I mean anything from several months to several years after the last post.

While I think that archiving all topics / threads is a good idea I also think it may be a good idea to close any thread after a set period of inactivity. Perhaps after 30 to 90 days of no new posts.

I like to help people but it is a bit frustrating when I start to read a problem from the beginning, read several responses and then discover that I am reading something from several years ago.

Maybe making the last post a message that reads something like. "This thread is closed after xxdays of inactivity. Please open a new thread for any new question or comment."
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I don't know if Vbulliten has it but at a Tech board I frequent after 90 days of no activity the thread automatically becomes read only

if you try to replay it suggest you start a new thread .
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I think that they are kept open so that when people search with a search engine for their particular problem they can get linked here and they "usually" being new members don't realize that the thread is that old. As moderators we should select the new post or posts and start a new thread with it giving it an appropriate title and send the users a pm notifying them of it.
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the other board I mentioned , the posts still come up in a search , you just cant reply they're read only.
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I agree with the suggestion, but, to play the devil's advocate a bit, I had to get some help when I first started here. I'm pretty computer challenged and couldn't figure out how to initiate a new thread, or even what all that meant. It's possible some of these folks are in the same situation and are doing the best they can. This issue doesn't puzzle me nearly as much as the ones where someone posts an advise to an ancient thread. Seems to me common sense would make it clear their input is no longer needed.
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I asked about this shortly after I joined here, but what gets me is not the ones who ask a new question under an old topic, but the ones who answer a question that was asked 3 years, 5 years and even 7 years ago!
On most of those really old posts/threads, the OP isn't even a member anymore. I have yet to figure out the purpose of replying to such an old question.
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I come across these quite often but will just quickly move post without a destination which will start a new thread.
I just do it without explanation and the new thread gets responded to and the poster gets taken care of.

Not sure if it would be worth defaulting to a timed closing because sometimes the original poster pipes in even after a long time goes by.


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