Anything wrong with the site lately?


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Question Anything wrong with the site lately?

I need someone to bring some light here. I know computers is not the specialty here. But we all deal with the site...

After a happy interaction for the past month in DIY, I had to clean my PC of temporary files (been told I need to do it when it starts to slow down)
I had my PC set to remember my info, so whenever I open this site, I would be on the game.

Problem is, when my temp files went, the PC didn't remember my log in info, neither did I.
Easy, right? Ask DIY to send you the old info/password, a new one, whatever.
Well, it took me 2 1/2 weeks to get their response, and by then the temporary password given had expired.
I even tried registering all over again, with different screen name and email address. GRRRRRRRRRRR!

GUYS and GALS, isn't there a phone contact for emergencies like this?
Has the system been down or the webmaster on holidays, or what?!

Oh, yes. The ending: today I received an answer to my initial email (not to my other 4 requests for reseting info), and it didn't work, but I started all over, and then it did. Don't know which of my million ways worked, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye to you all so soon!

PS: flip flops are painful, I agree. I think someone is taking revenge on westerners by making them so popular and available. I'd rather burn my feet on the sand :-P
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Sorry you are unhappy with your experience here.
I am not sure why re-registering didn't work.
This is how most handle forgotten passwords.

Unfortunately "Forgot Your Password" is not a tool we are likely to see.
I have my share of computer problems as well but and managing passwords is something we all are responsible for.

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