Imus settles/sued


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Imus settles/sued

The drama continues. Imus settled his contract dispute with CBS. Although the terms were niot formally disclosed, reportedly he settled for $20 million. The day after the contract was settled, one of the Rutgers players (Kia vaughn) filed suit against Imus for defamation.

Anybody else see puppetmaster reverend Al pulling the strings here?

I don't think Vaughn has a case but the Imus camp will throw her some go away money and the Rev will get his face time.
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That's the norm these days. 25 years ago he would have been fire and looking for a new job and that would be that. 20 million dollars for getting fired is just crazy.
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It's all in the wording of the contract. I saw some excerpts on line and CBS acknowledged Imus' "shock jock" and irreverant type of humor and they agreed that humor of that sort would not be grounds for termination. I think CBS may have gotten off easy. If they were dumb enough to agree to those terms then they deserve to pay out the $20 mil.

On the other hand - does this kid from Rutgers have a case? Is calling someone a ho derogatory these days? I know it isn't in some quarters/age groups. I think the defamation grounds she is suing is that by calling her (although Imus didn't mention her specifically) a ho, her sexual character was defamed - i.e. Imus called her a ***** (meaning prostitute).

IMO it's all about Rev Al and the contributions. I can't be the only one that remembers Tawana Brawley. Talk about defamation.

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