what washing machines and spacecraft have in common


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what washing machines and spacecraft have in common

Does anybody realize that washing machines and spacecraft share a common theme.
When a washing machine is built it can be only certain size dimensions or it won't fit through a consumer's door.
When rocket boosters are needed they are built to fit thru existing railroad tunnels to be shipped on ..
Soo,,from the very start an engineer's first question is,,how big is the smallest door ,, be it washing machine or space.
If we ever go to another solar system and meet aliens and they ask why we didn't get here sooner. The only honest comeback will be,,
Well,,we couldn't get thru the door.
Alien will probably reply,,,I see.

gascans fun facts and figures
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If the theory on door openings holds true, you must be referring to a front or side single entry door.

What about huge double door side by side refrigerators and full size pianos? A huge commercial size free standing range?

My washer and dryer are in the garage. Huge double door there...

Also have a huge patio sliding back door. Both sides are removable.

Some homes have a double door front entry access.
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washing machine & tight doors

If we just consider a washing machine there is little that is practical to disassemble it to get it thru a door in a timely manner. Especially a top loader. Most of the time the engineering on the washing machine is for the smallest practical opening it can fit thru. Assuming the worst case scenario of someone living in an apartment. Actually apartments are the standard . If u can fit it in there then u can fit it anywhere.
If a doorway is too small then less machines are sold. If a rocker booster is too big it get's stuck in the mountain hole and the rocket company goes bust.
A Lot of the space program had to do with the cold war,,first in space,,first on the moon,,good old competition. Notice since the competition has stopped they just keep putting the antiques in space. Manned Space travel may be coming to a close anyway. There so much space junk now they can't keep track of it all.
And nobody can get any interest in cleaning it up. and who would want to say they launched the space shuttle to pick up trash anyway. Well ,,maybe if reconditioned solar panels became all the rage.

now u know the rest of gascans side of the story

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