Mechanically inclined or not


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Mechanically inclined or not

Is being mechanically inclined learned or just given?
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I think kind of both. Natural talents, including being mechanically inclined, are something you're born with, BUT if you really have an interest in something or really want to learn something, then it can be learned if you try hard enough. On the other hand, there are some things people just can't do, no matter how hard they try. This is a tough question to answer. Too many variables.
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Learned or just given ;

I believe it is a combination of both.. A person must have been given the ability.. and desire, to learn the rest.
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I agree with Shad. well as Futures.
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...bah, message to short....
How 'bout now?
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just my 2 cents

Mechanics is like any other trade - some can pick it up easily and others no matter how hard they try can't get it right. Having an interest in it will help some.
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When I joined the Army, back during the Roman Empire, I was given a battery of test to determine aptitudes and was told I had mechanical aptitudes. Consequently, they made me a mechanic. I'd never touched a wrench until then and took to it like a duck to water. I'd found my calling and have been doing "mechanical" things since. Now I'm a floor mechanic. I agree with the rest, it's some of both, but I think an aptitude is required for it to be learned.
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It seems when I'm really interested in something, I get good at it but seldom excel, unless I have the physical or mental attributes. ie, I dont have some of the attributes required to be a brain surgeon but I'd like to give it a try.

Are Brain Surgeons inclined to be brain surgeons? Yup. When opportunity, abilities and interest come together people excell.

Have you ever seen a natural born salesman? I sorta have. Some people have personalities that make them naturals.

A hockey player with an amazingly hard shot was said to have a God given talent for it. He replied that he developed his God given talent by shooting 200 pucks a day for 20 years! But I could practice as much and never have more than a mediocre shot. Probably I would quit after a couple months.

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