What have been the worst handyman accidents you've had so far ?


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What have been the worst handyman accidents you've had so far ?

What have been the worst handyman accidents you (or anyone you know, or have seen) have had so far ?
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Not as bad to very worst:

Hubby was sinking the very last nail into the studio siding. Our friend/helper said something like "Give 'er all ya got!" He did.... to his index finger. I got a call asking if I could pick up a finger splint on the way home. After a couple days of insurance mixups and lots of strong drink to kill the pain, he finally got his broken finger fixed up. Unfortunately he couldn't play guitar for about two months.

Hubby (at work) was setting rebar into a sonotube. He pulled his arm out and unknowingly scraped his inner arm against the edge of the rebar. Five stitches later.... he has a nice pretty scar. Lesson - rebar is sharp.

Hubby's coworker was cutting off the sonotube after the concrete pour (of the previous incident) using a nice new box knife blade. He came up with the knife and sank the entire blade into his inner forearm. It took about 10 seconds for him and my hubby to realize that the spurting blood meant he hit an artery. Luckily they knew exactly where the hospital was!

Personally the worst I have ever experienced was a very badly pulled muscle from picking up a 6x6x8. But boy were the drugs fun...

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