Birds don't move out of the way


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Birds don't move out of the way

Was driving on the freeway and saw some birds from a distance on the freeway just sitting there or eating at something. Thinking they're gonna move as I come on by...but, they didn't!!!!

In a flash, I remembered that episode on Seinfeld when George runs over pigeons w/his car b/c the pigeons didn't move out of the way.

I then yelled out "they're pigeons!" and swerved slowly around them and then I cracked up laughing b/c I guess pigeons really don't move out of the way.

Uh...but when you see shows or movies and people are feeding pigeons...and then you see others running at them or toward them, they DO move out of the way...what gives? And what in the world are they doing on the freeway?
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Hey, it's California; you expected the birds to do something sane???

Not sure what it is with pigeons; guess they are all born with a death-wish gene.

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