state government shutdown


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state government shutdown

michigans governor is threatening to shut down the goverment if a budget contract is not reached buy sunday. sounds like blackmail to me,1607,7...7036--,00.html
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Are you a state employee?

There really isn't enough info in the link you provided to make an accurate assessment of the whole story.
It is easy for us to comment on this but the comments that matter would be from those whose jobs are affected, the legislators who have to balance the budget and the rate payers who have to pay.

I sure hope it works out for all concerned.
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This isn't the first time a gov't has threatened a shut down and occasionally they do shut down. It is blackmail if the legislators don't get down to business they will have angry constituents to contend with.
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Talking This thread could get nasty so keep the smilies coming!

What some would call blackmail others would call a negotiating point.
The ability of an employer to withdraw their jobs is also given to the employees by allowing them to withdraw their services.

Above all people involved need to keep clear heads on the matter.

This story is somewhat familiar:

My small resource based town was a few years ago caught in the same crunch with its major private employer.
The involved industry was faced with import sanctions on it's products which threatened this companies' viability.

Of the two involved unions the first to vote on wage and benefit concessions were convinced that the company was bluffing on closing the operation and voted against.
Upon the rejection of the first vote, even before the second vote, the company began the shutdown process, having recently shut down another operation in different Province .

To keep the story short the second union held a vote anyway and voted voted in favor of concessions.
The local and Provincial government agreed to small tax concessions and the company agreed to keep operating for I think five years if the first union reversed their vote.
They did and the company is still operating.
In the mean time an operation in another Province faced with the same situation as here rejected unanimously the concessions and has been since closed and dismantled.

So, right now we have a group who initially rejected the local offer and feel betrayed by the second union and are still convinced that the company was bluffing.

Think they were?
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We just went thru that here in PA recently and it was no biggie Only non essential employees were affected and it only lasted one day!

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