Diagnosis Fee (for car)


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Diagnosis Fee (for car)

Long story short, I went in to the car dealership to get a diagnosis for my car b/c the "Service Engine Soon" light came on (or the "Check Engine Soon").

Just for a diagnosis they wanted $90! I refused it b/c if I recall correctly they were free the last times! So the guy asked "How about $70?" I still said "no...can I have my car back?"

There's no set fee for these things???? They can change and do whatever they want?...at a dealership?????!!!!!

Mind you, I went in thinking I was going to get a free diagnosis and fix it myself.

BTW: Can't I get a free diagnosis at Auto Zone or something?
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According to the following article, AutoZone now does free Check Engine Light diagnostics:

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Auto Zone's been doing it for a long time. What the dealer (and other shops) are trying to avoid is that they give you a free or very cheap diagnostic (below cost) and then you go fix it yourself or have your shadetree mechanic brother-in-law do the work. For Auto Zone, they KNOW they're not getting a job out of it but stand a real good chance you'll buy some parts from them.

And shame on you for not coming here first.
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Thanks both of ya for the Auto Zone info.

I'm on my way TG!!!! Man, you're clear across the states. I might not make it. Free of charge?...Unless ya have to tow me right?

BTW: $70 or $90 is cheap? Ha!!!! Not in my books.

Oh yeah...so the guy next to the guy talking to me about the fee and stuff was joking around about getting some beer and then charging me $10 for gas to get a shuttle to take me home. Hmmm...

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