Customers watch you while you work

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Originally Posted by mjd2k View Post
Speaking of training managers.... I was doing overhead phone line construction off-season in a resort area. Three of the big bosses came by to check out the crew.

No restrooms available to I discretly relieved myself behind the truck on the dirt road. I pulled the truck ahead about 50 feet, and spurred up the next pole. I got to the top and watched the white-hats walk back to the wet spot. All three dug around with their toes trying to figure out what kind of fluid was leaking from the truck. Finally one guy picked some up, they all smelled it, etc. Big discussion, pretty soon all three of them were picking it up.

After an appropriate time I shouted down from the pole to tell them what it was. Lots of laughs all around and a great story for all four of us. I'm retired now but the incident was a legend for years
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Originally Posted by hrking View Post
I'm urious if he knew that he was stating comuster...not customer
I'm curious if you knew that you were stating urious, not curious.
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Originally Posted by reid37 View Post
i'm semi retired, this goes on most of the time, i hate it when you are engroced in what you're doing, all of a sudden there's a person looking over your shoulder. depending on the sit/ & the person, i have shut the job down, got hold of the other member of the house & told him to get his wife out of the house or else. otherwise i will say something, we gota get along. i generally try to go thru the job & what i am going to do.
you talk to me like that in my house your fired im the one whos paying you
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This is becoming a bit ridiculous.
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