Why are you a DIYer


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Why are you a DIYer

Since I can remember every time my Dad or I have hired an outside "professional" to do work in my house, on my car or whatever, I always had to call them back to rectify their mistakes or just plain bad work and never getting done what I origianlly set out for and finaly had to fix it myself to get it done right.
And so I've become well rounded in many technologies.
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Mainly cause I'm cheap. I reno houses and have rentals. If I paid someone to work on them, I'd lose money. I can't stand paying someone big bucks to do something I can do myself. With the labor shortage we are experiencing, the guys I'd hire to do the work are less skilled than me. That really drives me.

When I was younger, I loved to learn and experience. But now I'm 50+, I don't have the same enthusiasim.

I just hired a roto rooter dude to snake a sewer line in a rental. Two years ago, I would have done it myself. Yet I just put in 4 new windows last week.

Guess I'm selective.
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the 2 main reasons

#1 - money saved

#2 - satisfaction of having done it yourself
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Money. I can do a full house remodel for 1/3 the price. It also takes five times longer but...

I know it's done right. I've seen too many hack jobs. I don't want "good enough" - I want excellence. The hardwood is square within 1/16". You can park a Volkswagen on the deck. The wiring is not only to code, but better than code. The house is sealed and insulated well.

The satisfaction you did it yourself. I often get comments like "you built THAT?" "you did all that demo YOURSELF?" "wow that's a really nice (fill in blank)" Being a petite chick that can wield a hammer better than most guys gets ya respect!

Save money and get a workout at the same time. Who needs a gym membership?

We get EXACTLY what we want.

You call six people for bids, all references. Five call back. Three show up for the bid. Two seem to be legit. One won't be overpriced. Heck by the time I get someone to show up to work on the project, I could have done it myself!

Every once in awhile we hire a contractor to do something. Right now I am hiring our general helper because we've been laid up for a month sick, all our weekends until the holidays are booked with recording sessions (our small business), and winter is coming very quickly. We have siding and trim to put up and a deck railing to finish before the snow hits. There are simply not enough hours in the day or enough air in my lungs right now to DIY.
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1. I enjoy doing stuff myself. I get lots of satisfaction from being able to figure out how to get it done.

2. Saving money - home repair costs are outrageous.

3. More and more I hate dealing with contractors and their attitudes. They aren't all that way, but I'm getting to the point where I believe the majority of them are.
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In addition to the above reasons...

It helps keep the weight off, keeps my mind functioning and it's fun...until things go wrong
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I was a tradesman before retiring and know how to use tools.
For the big jobs, (roof, kitchen and bath remodel, etc.) I hired those out to the pros. I'm not going to mess around for a month or more if they can do it in a few days. BUT, I will watch them to learn a bit on how it's done.

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