Concentrated detergent


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Concentrated detergent

So I've seen on a commercial recently how most if not all laundry detergents are now concentrated. So we were all basically "screwed" before?...b/c now they just add less water?...or whatever? I dunno. I don't know the facts nor the ingredients or how they do this stuff.

So...I was thinking, if they can do this, why don't they make concentrated toothpaste or eye solution or dish detergent/soap or...?

In the long run, we really don't save money or anything though, right? They just make it concentrated and up the price right? As you see...I haven't done price comparison either.
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You have got waaaaay too much time on your hands, Vicky.
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Liquid detergent manfacturers are moving to concentrated formulas to conserve water and save themselves money by using smaller bottles. The sell to consumers is that the product is just as good, less detergent required per load, and bottles will be lighter and take up less shelf space. Whether they pass on any savings to consumers? Who knows?

Concentrated products for the mouth or the eyes would not be good because they'd likely cause people's teeth and eyeballs to fall out.

You know candy bars got smaller and smaller over the years and the price kept going up. Were those concentrated candy bars?

I haven't bought a candy bar, concentrated or otherwise, in years. I, did, however, pass through the candy bar aisle on the way to the restroom at a convenience store the other day. Wow! All the candy bars have made a big transformation. They are all King Size. Guess they decided less candy for bigger price was not the way to go. It's apparent that they figured out that consumers would rather go for really, really big, king size candy bars at any price, whether out of their pocket or onto the waist line.

It does, indeed, make one wonder. How stupid do the marketing people think the American consumer is? I believe, we already know the answer. If you haven't a clue, watch some of those shopping network channels, especially the people scream at you. Duh?
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Concentrated detergent

All concentrated materials can be like handling dynamite, depending on the concentration. Most materials sold now can be concentrated to 1/10th or 1/100th of the volume if desired.

If you want to use concentrated materials, you must be willing to use different measures and accuracy. - you cannot be sloppy. Whatever over or under dosing you do is magnified and can be worse or better.

Most of the time it is a "green" marketing gimmick touting the smaller amount of pacaking waste (ala Al Gore).

If you want concentrated materials go for it IF you are willing to measure accurately. Mis-measurement can result in excessive waste and pollution.
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Yes, I do have way too much time on my hands

I get it now. I wasn't thinking about the "green" thing. Not "green" in our pockets...

I wonder if concentrated beer, tabacco, soda, coffee would be good. Think about it! Or am I so sheltered that there's talks about this stuff already? I'm sure there can be dangers too but can you imagine? Concentrated (or compacted ?)cigs. Hmm... take one puff and it's as good as 1 whole cig. We'd save the environment in a way. Less pollution right? Concentrated beer? Well...the only bad side effect would be these drinkers would get drunk quicker!

Sorry...I'm just talking nonsense now.

BTW: I think the concentrated laundry detergents are going to be permanent to all brands...aren't they?
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Concentrated means that it can be diluted with tap water. Beer would certainly lose flavor. Alcohol content in beer is regulated by law. Soda is already sold in concentrate as is served with carbonated water in fountain drink machines. Coffee might be a possibility but hardly worth the effort. We can already add water or dairy product if the coffee is too strong.

Keep in mind that many manufacturers will proclaim that they are green while they are really being 'greenish.' It is important to know what green really means and if the company is using manufacturing, harvesting, etc. processes that are truly green. Are they really operating in an environmentally friendly way.
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There is such a thing as concentrated coffee. It's called espresso, Turkish coffee, and Starbucks!

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