Sugestion to reduce duplicate 'common question' threads.


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Sugestion to reduce duplicate 'common question' threads.

I see many 'duplicate' threads asking basically the same question over and over again especially in the 'cleaning' forum for example. A search turned up over 200 "urine' related threads.

Wouldn't it make more sense instead to make common questions a 'sticky' so as to stop all these repeated, rehashed threads from people that don't do a search, just to ask the same questiuon all over again??

Also, instead of wasting time for modulators to answer the same question again for the umteenth time (is that a word?), they time would be better served elsewhere.

I understand this can't apply to every sub-forum, but should apply to some.

And lastly, it would reduce the size of each sub forum and the free up server space.
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The problem that I've seen on every other site that uses stickies is that a large portion of the entire first page becomes filled with them. So every time you want to read new posts you have to scroll and scroll and scroll and it gets out of hand. I'd rather see 10 new 'duplicate' posts a day than have to look at the same 10 stickies 30 times a day each time I check the forum.

What would be a good idea is _one_ sticky (and locked) which contains a FAQ for that forum which is kept updated. The only problem is of course nobody will read it before posting.

Having a search feature that can actually search for more than one word at a time correctly would help immensely too.
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As indicated, many find scrolling past all the stickies annoying. Too, most do not read the stickies. For instance, in the Finishing Forum there is a sticky that explains how to refinish and paint cabinets, yet we continue to have multiple posts about how to refinish or paint cabinets. Too, most do not use the search engine.
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I also understand that. It seems to be a two edge sword.

If the 'stickys' were to 'stand out' more, with just the 'key' words in bold and a larger font size as opposed to a longer title which gets passed over because of "to much info" (as the commerical says).

Example; 'Urine', 'shoe polish', 'coffee/tea' etc. under 'removing stains'.

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