Small home inspector rant


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Small home inspector rant

I read a post in the electrical forum where a home inspector pointed out a wiring issue that he said was not to code. Apparently, the electricians in that forum disagreed with the inspector.
My question is this - If an inspector makes a wrong call and the homeowner expends money to correct the problem or even to have a professional evaluate the problem can the inspector be held liable? should they be? How about if the homeowner loses a sale because a prospective buyer shies away based on an erroneous call by an inspector?
As a buyer, if the inspector misses something that is seriously wrong with the house, is he liable? Should he be? If he has no responsibility for his incompetence why bother?
Does your area license inspectors? Are they required to have training/expertise in all the disciplines involved. Can they be associated with the realtor or builder (a problem in our area)?
in my limited involvement with home inspectors (only two) I found them to both be incompetent and in one case unethical.
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I will say this - in our area it is not proper (maybe illegal?) for a home inspector to "quote code". Yet they do it, and we had one claim our home (for sale) had a basement finish not to code. The building department final inspection approval proved him otherwise (ie proved his incompetence). I don't know what if anything we could have done had his very poor inspection (about 80% of his findings were inaccurate or wrong) cost us the sale of the house.
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I don't know the answer either. But it seems like they should have a legal responsibility, just as realtors and other do. If they are blatantly or numerously wrong, they should pay, that's my feeling anyway. Maybe some legal, real estate or even home inspection experts can give us an answer.
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Most if not all inspectors bare no liability for their errors. The only recourse is the return of the fee you paid them.
As the seller you can tell the purchaser to go stuff it if they request unreasonable repairs or any repairs for that matter. If they are legitimate problems then you must disclose them to future purchasers.

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