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Am I the only one who thinks Green Bay's special teams (specifically punt return coverage) threw that game away Sunday???
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they shouldn't of lost that game last night i would of loved to see GB and NE in the big show but now its NE and NYG come on I expect it to be another blow out Superbowl whouldnt be a superbowl without a blow out If NE come with all they got, they have this game in the bag, but who know maybe Brady will booze it up on sat in AZ and be all hungover for the game. hahha
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Strangely enough, I thought Ryan (the punter) had a terrible game but it was never mentioned by anyone? So I figure "what the hell do I know?"

I like that the Pats are struggling. They arent' dominating anymore but they keep making it happen somehow. I'd rather see a team eke out wins rather than win because they are obviously just so much better.
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The guy I figure blew it was the Packer guy who tried to pick up & run with the fumbled punt return late instead of just falling on it and letting the offense go back to work.
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I'm a diehard GB fan for over 30 years, and I think Favre is the greatest to play the game, when you look at his skill AND his enthusiasm for the game.

But they just didn't play up to their potential. The defense didn't play as well as they have been. Look at how much time Manning had. The Offense didn't play as well. Favre had little time. The run never got going. Yes he should have fell on the fumble, but he tried to make a play. But what a game. So close. Had they played as well as they have been, they would have won easily.

I hope that the Giants beat the Pats though. I don't like Belichick. The Pats have one enough. And it would be cool to have to brothers on different teams win back to back Superbowls. At the same position, too. How often will that opportunity present itself. (Can you imagine being Archie if the Colts played the Giants). BTW, 18 brothers have reached the big game, but this is the 1st at the same position.

But I'll end up missing alot of the game. I'll be on a plane to Jackson WY to work for a week. But I'll see some of it in the airport bar I'm sure. But I wouldn't have missed it if the Pack were in it.

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