piano playing


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piano playing

Santa brought our kids one of those really nice electronic keyboard/synthesizer things for Christmas. it's got 99 songs programmed into it and you can do a 3-step tutorial to learn the songs. i've actually learned about 3 songs since Christmas, but my problem is that i can learn the right hand, and i can learn the left hand, but for the life of me, i can't do them at the same time! how in the world do pianists work both hands at the same time, especially when the beat sort of changes for each one? it's like you need 2 brains to do it! can someone who plays the piano explain how your brain can basically play 2 different songs at the same time? and how that feels? cuz i'm pretty sure my heads gonna explode!
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Heh...it takes a lot of practicing. Do it slow...finger by finger. If your right hand plays a C note and the left hand plays the A note...do them at the same time...I'm SURE you can do that right? Practice that about 20 times SLOW until you get it, then go faster.

For a beginner or a newbie, the right way to "learn" is to start of NOT having the same beat. It's harder to learn that way. It should be the same beat. If you jump right as a newbie trying to go different beats...it'll be a lot more tough.

Or...if you just want to do something for fun, YOU play the right hand while someone else plays the left hand

BTW: It's really nice to play with both hands. My fingers can't and won't play fast for some reason so I stick to the slow songs.
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DH used to play piano, then bought himself a keyboard a couple years ago and even took lessions, but that's what he had the most trouble with. He said you really need to practice, practice, practice and practice some more or give it up. He gave it up.
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Yeah, it's basically a combination of practice and talent. The key is being able to "hear," rhythmically, the way the two songs as you call them complement one another. They should match up and fill gaps in one another. After a while the process becomes more or less automatic and the better you get at matching the rhythms.

Another note: not all great pianists, even, are masters at this, sometimes call rhythmic counterpoint. Glenn Gould strikes me as one of the most incredible that ever lived. There are plenty of others who get by on right hand mechanics.
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It's the same with guitar.
Your left hand fingering a melody on the fret board while your right hand picks each string but piano is much harder and more challeging to learn.
I am a guitar player for 30 years and now want to learn piano.
My 13 year old plays piano and I can't begin to tell you how nice it is hear it as the sound fills my house.
Even when my 7 year old twinkles the keys as she discovers the different sounds.
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There are pathways in the brain that have to be built for this. Practice on a consistent basis is required. Some people will build them comsiderably faster than others.
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I'm even further down the pipe than Mackey. I wish I had learned either guitar or piano in my younger days. I love listening to music, even operate a high tech Yamaha sound system for our church, but yearn to be so articulate with my hands. I see our pianist and other musicians do it with such ease, and agree with Mitch, it takes practice, and alot of it.

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