Mother Nature


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Mother Nature

Does anyone here have Mother Nature's phone number or email address? I am really getting *unduly stressed* at her. This *regular occurrence* of getting a storm every 3-4 days has got to stop!! It takes me 3 hours to clear my driveway & sidewalk. Ya know, it would be nice to see that yellow ball in the sky again, too.

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Yeah....I know what you mean.But on the flip side of the same coin,It's a good thing that we can't control the weather.Global warming would be but a drop in the bucket then.

All this crazy weather and ridicules temperature changes Just confirms what the Bible says about the end of time.

IT'S CLOSE !!!!!!!!!!
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Personally I'm thankfull for the rain and [little] snow we've been getting. Maybe we'll get away from this long drought My grass is greener now than it was at anytime last summer.
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For the most part, those folks in the northern sector of the US and Canada are just wondering where the heck Al Gore is. This global warming thing is getting out of hand.
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Eco and Echo. Between the two species of tree hugger s Echo is more dangerous because it's migratory. Its territory changes, but not its screeching song. Eco hibernates. Unlike the tree, Eco fears frozen limbs.

We have a project in the tropics on hold due to Little Sir Echo. I would gladly ship him back to Minnesota or Maine if someone will volunteer to stick him to a tree. I would be ever so grateful if you dig a hole for the carcass afterward. Rotting Echos really smell bad.

You have a gold mine of cold up there. You just need better marketing.

“A tree for every hugger”. “Off season half price” "Stick around."

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